Software behind the web server, which has provided free access to statistics about Dutch tweets since 2010

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What Twiqs can do for you

  • search facility for tweets for users interested in tweet statistics
  • implements webserver and communication with Hadoop server with tweets
  • access to tweet statistics (more detailed than Twitter)
  • dozens of research papers and at least 1 PhD thesis used this service

Many researchers want to analyse tweets but find it to collect large numbers of messages and analyze these. The website was created to support research based on Dutch tweets. The websites offers a search function that can be applied to tweets dating back to 2010. Twitter does not allow the text of tweets to be offered as a download. Instead the website offers summaries of the tweets in graphs, on maps, word clouds and pie diagrams. Since it creation in 2012, the website has been used by many researchers and common people to test ideas about word usage in Dutch tweets.

This software package contains the software used by the website

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  • Text analysis & natural language processing
  • Visualization
  • Big data
Programming Language
  • Java
  • Perl
  • JavaScript
  • Apache-2.0
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biedt prachtige mogelijkheden voor onderzoeksvragen in de les
– Jan Lepeltak , ictnieuws


  • Erik Tjong Kim Sang
    Netherlands eScience Center
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Erik Tjong Kim Sang
Netherlands eScience Center

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